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iCommunity Technology Platform

Underlying the mission of Muslim Planet is the iCommunity -- a platform that enables reaching out to the community,  providing a platform for the community to express themselves for a voice in the main stream USA, and to outreach via intra community and inter-community dialogues. 

iCommunity platform has two components: a technology platform and a sociological platform. The technology platform is described here, and the sociological platform is described in the mission statement.

The technology platform is already built and operational. More services will be added and the technology will be expanded in capabilities, performance, security, and scope.

Currently the platform offers the following five services, either free or donation based with the exception of Book Publishing for which there is a charge. 

  1. Community Blogs, 
  2. Community Websites 
  3. Community News Letter, 
  4. Journal of Muslim Culture, and 
  5. Book Publishing Services.
These services are currently supported through the deployment and integration of the following components into our iCommunity Technology Platform. In future we will add additional services and technology components.
  1. Computer hardware and software systems with C2 Security.
  2. Web Server.
  3. Secure inter node and intra node communications.
  4. Blogging Server.
  5. Secure File Transfer Server.
  6. Database Server.
  7. Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) Scripting Language.
  8. BeutifulSoup Python Language Library.
  9. Kompozer Tool for the Customers to develop their own websites.
  10. eMail Server.

The community Members, Masajid, and Organizations can save on their IT budgets by using our services for

  • Webhosting 
  • Blogging 
  • Publishing
  • Journal
  • News Letter

They save money because the services offered through our iCommunity Platform (with the exception of Publishing) are either free or donation based, in keeping with the service oriented nature of our mission

We provide personalized quality of service with guaranteed savings. Therefore they save money and help iCommunity when they port their existing websites from other hosting providers such as Yahoo, Google, and GoDaddy etc. 

Currently we provide 75 Mbps bandwidth and 5 GB of storage. Muslim Planet being focused on Muslim and Islamic content, we naturally provide a platform with superior Search Engine ratings for these contents. In additionwe provide enhanced and more flexible services compared to many providers, and we will continually deploy additional packages to serve our customers even better. We soon expect to exceed the industry metrics as far as the quality of service, security, and customer satisfaction are concerned.

iCommunity Technology Platform
 iCommunity Technology Platform from Muslim Planet enhances productivity.