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Journal of Muslim Culture

Journal of Muslim Culture

The purpose of the Journal of Muslim Culture is to serve as a critical intellectual resource for the contemporary aspects of the Muslim World. It is also intended to serve as a virtual part of a think tank for the Great Muslim Nation. 
A litmus test for an article published in the Journal is to ask how does the article help the Muslim World of today? The helpfulness criterion shall explicitly address how the research findings are helpful for today’s Muslim World, and what percentage of the Muslim population potentially can benefit from the findings. The research findings shall prove their helpfulness in at least one of the following areas:
  1. Education as wisdom, knowledge, and skills
  2. Scientific and technological inventions to especially benefit the Muslim world
  3. Economic progress in the Muslim world
  4. Geopolitical strengthening of Muslims
  5. Improve the negotiating position of Muslims 
  6. Improve the resourcefulness of Muslims
The focus will be primarily on the Muslim majority societies in today’s world.  Studies focusing on the Muslim minority societies may be acceptable when their benefit to the Muslim minority is explicit in one of the aspects  listed above. The articles shall have a positive approach to be helpful in one of these areas. Critical articles may be acceptable when they are explicitly helpful in one of these areas.
This journal is necessary because no journal currently exists with these objectives.
Initially the journal shall be biannual and on line only.  
The scholarship demonstrated in the articles shall be among the very best in the world, given the topic. We pride ourselves in the fact that there shall never be a compromise on this point.

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Research instrumentation for the Equinox Study