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Internal links.

  1. The Muslim Planet Project for the Muslim community in USA.
  2. The Muslim Voice Project for the Muslim community to have its own special voice in the US main stream.
  3. Journal of news and events of special interest to the Muslim community in USA. It is a monthly journal sent to the mosques in USA to encourage Imams to ponder solutions for the current circumstances of the Muslim community.
  4. Scholarly journal of research on Muslim culture as offering solutions for the current circumstances of the Muslim community.
  5. Spiritual content of Islam as gleaned from the Quran.
  6. Wanderings of a Muslim traveller.
  7. Some ponderings of a Muslim thinker.
  8. Some private notes of Osama bin Laden.

External Links

  1. Council of American-Islamic Relations.
  2. Muslim Students Association -- MSA
  3. Islamic Society of North America.
  4. Islamic Organizations Based in USA.
  5. Hartford Seminary, Institute for Religion Research, Database of Islamic Centers in USA.
  6. Islamic Organizations Based in Canada.
  7. The Istanbul Foundation of Science and Culture.
  8. The International Institute of Islamic Thought.
  9. USA extension of Al Mowrid Institute.
  10. Collected works of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi.
  11. Original website of Al Mawrid Institute with lot of good content.
  12. Monthly Renaissance Journal by Al Mawrid Institute.
  13. A historical timeline of the arrivals of Muslims in America.
  14. Islamic Circle of North America.
  15. Some QA exercises.
  16. Geometrical patterns in Muslim art.
  17. Original research by Dara-O-Shayda on mystical dimensions of Quran.
  18. Sufi movements in the West.
  19. Al-Sunnah Foundation by Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani.
  20. Naqshbandi sufi way.
  21. The Inayeti Order of sufi path.
  22. The Inayeti Order of Austin.
  23. Jerrahi Order of America.
  24. Nur-Ashki Sufi Jerrahi Sufi Circle of Albuqurque, NM.
  25. Golden Gate Sufi Circle, Sebastopol, CA.
  26. Faizani Sufi Order.
  27. The Mevlevi sufi order of Jalaluddin Rumi.
  28. Dar-al-Masnavi group on Rumi.
  29. Some works of Hazrat Sultan Bahu.
  30. Hazrat Sultan Bahu Community.
  31. Miscellaneous topics.

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