The Muslim Planet Project

Mission Statement

The Great Muslim Nation comprises of the Muslims of the World. The Muslim majority countries form its core. They stretch from Kazakhstan in the North to Malawi in the South, and from Indonesia in the East to Mauritania in the West. Together the countries of the Great Muslim Nation possess the lion’s share of the world resources.They encompasses hundreds of boundaries and thousands of rich cultures. They represents all races, all colors of humanity, all wonders of spirituality, and the proud achievements of history. They are a Nation without Borders; a nation with a generous heart and an amazing grace.

The Muslim community in USA is a part of the Great Muslim Nation. Yet in the current political and social environment of USA the American Muslim Community does not receive human respect, citizen’s dignity, equal justice, and proper image depiction.

It is not right that anyone treat the Great Muslim Nation this way. Therefore, a goal of the Muslim Planet initiative is that the Muslim community in USA be duly accorded human respect, citizen's dignity, equal justice, and proper image depiction.

The Muslim Planet is a project that the community has setup to achieve this goal and others described under iCommunity and Goals. Generally speaking, the project has undertaken

  1. to actualize and enhance the potential of the Muslim community in USA for it to strengthen itself and prosper;
  2. to share prosperity with everyone and promote equitability between the poor and the rich; and
  3. to outreach about the Muslim contributions to the world.

Join the Mission

If you are a Muslim, you are a proud member of the Great Muslim Nation.

If you are in USA, you are already the focus of the current activities of the project. If you are in Canada or Mexico, you will soon be the focus of the project activities, as the project gradually expands to its natural scope, encompassing the entire North America.

If you are not in North America, you are still welcome to use our services, contribute your talents, and share your resources towards the prosperity and dignity of the Great Muslim Nation.

We urge everyone to Join the Mission and carry the torch forward into our future in North America and the future of our coming generations. Be a part of the team, make your contributions, and benefit from our services at the iCommunity platform which has a technology component and a sociology component.

If you are not a Muslim, you are also welcome into the Muslim Planet initiative. Our current activities include to spread the prosperity around, and to outreach about the proud traditions and achievements of the Great Muslim Nation. We have a generous heart to share our prosperity, and we have an amazing grace to welcome everyone into the project.

We place the iCommunity platform in the service of the community to make the community well knitted; bringing its members close and dynamically interacting with one another. These dynamics will bring forth a community that is well in tune with the modern life, and is ready to solve its problems as well as thrive upon its opportunities. Let us together grow the community dynamics and its proactive creativity.

Join us to make USA a better place.

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The Muslim Planet Project