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Muslim Voice is a Project of Muslim Planet For Muslim Community in USA

Welcome to the Muslim Planet Project

For the Muslim Community in USA


Mission Statement

From Astana of Kazakhstan in the North to Lilongwe of Malawi in the South, and from Kupang of Indonesia in the East to Nouakchott of Mauritania in the West -- across hundreds of boundaries and across thousands of rich cultures -- there lives a nation representing all races, all colors of humanity, all wonders of spirituality, and the proud achievements of history. 

This is the Great Muslim Nation, a Nation without Borders, a nation with a generous heart and an amazing grace. 

The Muslim community in USA is a part of the Great Muslim Nation. 

In the current political and social environment of USA the American Muslim Community does not receive human respect, citizen’s dignity, equal justice, and proper image depiction.

goal of Muslim Planet is that the Muslim community in USA be duly accorded human respect, citizen's dignity, equal justice, and proper image depiction.

The Muslim Planet is a project to enhance the potential of the Muslim community in USA to strengthen itself and to prosper; share prosperity with everyone to reduce the gap between the poor and the rich; and to outreach about the Muslim contributions to the world.