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On December 03, 2016, some concerned citizens gathered to assess the treatment meted to the Muslim Citizens of USA today. They unanimously observed the following:

In the current political and social environment of USA the American Muslim Community does not receive human respect, citizen’s dignity, equal justice, and proper image depiction.

As a think-tank for American Muslim Community, the group deemed it important to act in order to rectify the situation. Subsequently, focus was directed on two strategic aspects.

A platform of the American Muslim Community is needed, that is designed and operated for the community, and by the community. We now call it iCommunity Platform. It has two components: a technology component and a sociological component. The technology platform has been completed, deployed, and operationalized in the service of the Muslim community in USA.  We now provide five significant services in the service of the community.

We use these services for the Muslim Voice project that enables the community to have its own voice in main street USA.

A News Journal has started using the technology capabilities of the platform. Currently it is a monthly magazine of news, events, and articles of relevance to the community. The News Journal is sent monthly to the Mosques in USA and also to a list of individuals.

These efforts are part of an intra-community outreach program; it is the sociological component of the platform. It is designed in the spirit of community self-help towards prosperity and strength. It emphasizes an in depth understanding of the community and to reach out to its members.  Work is ongoing on this part to achieve an integrated and unified action platform.

We are pleased with the progress that we have made so far. We could do even better if you would lend a hand. We look forward to the future with great expectations.

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Join us to make USA a better place.

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